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Hello friends firstly warm welcome to you in lifewithhimani.com Due to change in our day today lifestyle each one of us faces some kind of health problems. Keeping one thing in mind that we must have a level of understanding  to beat the lifestyle disuses thus to make you healthy physically as well as mentally an idea clicked to my mind that why not to share the useful things or ideas to you.

My name is Himani Chaube I am residing of State Uttarakhand  and District Bageshwar. I am a qualified teacher and a housewife also. I have more than 10 years of teaching experience at various places of country. I am masters in History & Political Science , Bed. and CTET qualified. Since childhood I am very keen to understand the behavior of children. Child Psychology is my favorite subject. Through years of teaching experience& depth knowledge of my subject helped me to import the true values to my students. The purpose of making this website in Hindi is basically to  pass at least the must have knowledge to all the audience in a convenient order.

Through lifewithhimani.com I promise you to provide all genuine information best of my knowledge in categories like उपयोगी टिप्स – ट्रिक्स, कुविज़, गुड पेरेंटिंग,फूड, वैलनेस, शिशुस्वास्थ्य, सौंदर्य which I have learned and earned from my mother since my childhood.

I hereby declares that All the information provided in www.lifewithhimani.com is prepared best of my knowledge and composed in detail my own words. If I find any update about my previous article my intention is to update the same as earliest as possible.